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Gippsland Lakes Boat Hire are based in Paynesville – the region’s boating capital and provides access to many of Gippsland Lakes marvels including the Koalas on Raymond Island.

Our boat hire is easily arranged, our boats are designed for easy use and are perfect for groups of up to 12 persons.





 Travelling up river under the old railway trestle bridge be sure to keep an eye on the cliff face for an array of wildlife including Eastern Water Dragon, Blue-tongue Lizards and many beautiful birds including the King Fisher. 

Mitchell River


Launch from the centre of Bairnsdale at Howitt Park and travel down river towards silt jetties (an unusually long, thin landform that have been formed over thousands of years by sediment deposition from the Mitchell River.

Tambo River


With a total length in excess of 186 kilometres, the Tambo River is one of the longest rivers in East Gippsland.

Ocean Grange


Set aside the day to visit your own private oasis on the 90 Mile Beach.

Lakes Entrance


Experience and explore the islands and network of waterways at the entrance of the magnificent Gippsland Lakes.



Travel to and explore the picturesque village and waterways of Metung.